Dog of the Month: Bernie C.

Bernie has been with DDI for a while now, and has had many walkers. All of his walkers, have had nothing but great things to say about him! His current walker, Janet, gushed, “His tail hardly stops wagging. From his sparkling eyes and pointy ears to his tiny paws and freckles, he is the picture of adorable. He is thrilled to meet other dog buddies, and always a true gentleman. After our walks, he snuggles down and makes a little nest of blankets in his bed. He sure is a hard one to leave!”

Below is an interview with Bernie’s mom, Colleen.

When and where did you get Bernie?

I got Bernie when he was 7 weeks old back in 2005 when I lived in Buffalo, NY. I found him on the local newspaper website, advertised under ‘Pure Bred Chihuahua Puppies’, and drove out to the country to get him. Clearly I was duped because as you can see, he is NOT a pure bred Chihuahua! I always say, “he’s his own special breed”. He was a little brown and white ball of fur and someone said he looked like a St. Bernard puppy (should have been a clue that he wasn’t a pure bred Chihuahua!) so I named him ‘Bernie’.

What is your favorite thing about Bernie?

Too many to list! 😉 But if I had to pick one, my favorite thing about Bernie is definitely his personality. Whether he’s being fiesty, cuddly, grumpy, curious, playful or sweet, he is guaranteed to make his presence known a let his personality shine. He can dominate a room and bring a smile to anyone’s face.

If you could describe Bernie life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Bernie loves to be loved by people. As long as he is being petted by a human, enjoying a treat or bone, playing with his toys, or going for a run, life is good! But be careful not to get too close to mommy, he gets very jealous!

Tell us a cute/funny story about Bernie?

As Bernie is getting older, he is getting a bit grumpy during bedtime. He likes to sleep in the human bed, but has developed this habit of growling and jumping off when he is disturbed at all in his sleep (God forbid you need to turn over or adjust your pillow!) Once that happens, he proceeds to climb into to laundry the laundry bin and fall back asleep. Apparently he prefers a mound of dirty laundry opposed to the selection of comfy dog beds scattered around the apartment.

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