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Here at Dogs Deserve It, we are all under the firm belief that all dogs deserve it. Most especially, a floppy-faced, jowly Golden Retriever with the sweet energy of a hot cup of coffee. Through the stories her walker (Shelly Christensen) and her owners share, this month it’s clear that Bennie deserves it the most!

Shelly has the pleasure of walking Bennie each day, exclaiming, “Bennie is a beautiful and smart Golden Retriever. I can kiss, hug, and pet her and she appreciates it. She puts her paws on my shoulders and gives me kisses back. She knows I’m there to take care of her so she does whatever I ask of her. She has a small hill in front of her door and we run up it everyday. She knows I have to lock the door first so she waits to hear it lock and then we run up the hill. Bennie is so loving and I look forward to my walks with her.”

Of course, Bennie wouldn’t even be a part of the Dogs Deserve It family without the wonderful support of her parents Holden and Casey…

DDI:  When and where did you get Bennie?
Bennie’s Folks: We got Bennie from Lakeview Goldens in Wisconsin. We got her almost 3 years ago on Sept. 30, 2014 and her birthday is July 29. She is named after Benny the Bull.

Named after Benny the Bull, Bennie is a true Chicagoan!

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Bennie?
BF: We like to think that Bennie is the friendliest and happiest dog around. She really loves anyone and everyone. Bennie is bursting with endless kisses, hugs, and snuggles.

DDI: If you could describe Bennie’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?
BF: If Bennie had her way, she would give everyone a hug and kisses (she sits back on her hind legs in a seated position and puts her front paws on your shoulders).

Bennie the frog-dog

DDI: Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Bennie?
BF: We just got married in July [CONGRATULATIONS!] and we took a couple of dance lessons leading up to the wedding. We would try to practice a bit, but usually unsuccessfully. Bennie loves playing and whenever we would go to practice, she wanted to be a part of it. So she would run at us from all angles and jump to try and dance along with us. Another funny thing that Bennie does and Shelly likely sees this all the time..Bennie doesn’t drink water, she eats it. So she gobbles it up and then proceeds to walk in a giant circle after, basically forming a huge lake around her water bowl. Then she proceeds to lay down in it, with her back legs fully extended, like a frog. That is our Bennie.

And we wouldn’t want your Bennie any other way, guys. We love getting to walk her and having her bring joy to our walkers’ lives, not to mention the lives of all the strangers she’s probably kissing and hugging along the way! Congratulations to a special dog…Bennie, you definitely deserve it — in your case, “it” being all the water, especially!

~Dogs Deserve It, September 2017

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