Barney – Dog of the Month

We all know those dogs whose personalities don’t seem to match their body type. The Chihuahua whose bark is much bigger than its head, or the burly Mountain Dog that seems to fear its on shadow. Well this month we’re featuring a very special dog whose large body mass matches exactly the amount of love he’s got!

Barney, a mixed-breed Shepherd dog, is a favorite among DDI walkers. He comes trudging at you to bombard you with hugs, rubs, and provide you with a nice coating of his shed fur. “What struck me about Barney is his personality,” says Darius, this month’s featured walker. “He’s a tad older now but he still has the energy of a puppy! Plus I love literally anything that has Shepherd in it. I love how he lays down in the elevator after a walk. He reflects my mood after a long day of hard work! I think he has the best reaction when he hears his jar of treats. He’s the true embodiment of a good boy :)”

We asked Barney’s awesome owners, Michelle and Arrvind, some questions to get to know Barney some more.

DDI : When and where did you get Barney?

Michelle: We adopted Barney in August 2015 from One Tail at a Time – he was five years old when we got him. We were looking for a dog who was housebroken and likes kids + other dogs. We hit the jackpot… he’s all of those things and more.

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Barney?

Michelle: Hard to pick one thing, but it’s his demeanor. He’s a lover of humans (big and small) and dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. He will greet you with a wag of his tail and a friendly bark — and demands “pets” from everyone he meets. He’s been an awesome “big brother” to our 8 mos old baby, Jackson.

DDI: If you could describe Barney’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

Michelle: When life gets hard, take a nap.

DDI: Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Barney?

Michelle: At home, we don’t allow Barney to sleep on our bed. I know it’s sad – he’s a cuddle bug, but also takes up a lot of room and sheds like crazy! Don’t worry, he has a very nice bed of his own, which he happily sleeps in every night. Anyway, we had a suspicion that he was sleeping on our bed during day while we were gone.

Our theory was proved correct one day when Barney accidentally left his afternoon treat from his DDI walker in the middle of our bed.  We took a picture (see below) of what we came home to… but who could be upset with such a sweet dog? To this day, we pretend we don’t know his secret sleeping spot when we’re not home! 😉

We feel incredibly lucky that we get to care for Barney and so many other large dogs with large personalities! Congratulations, Barney boy!

~Dogs Deserve It, March 2018

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