Dexter – Dog of the Month!

From a walker’s standpoint, a dog that walks by your side and at your pace is one of the most fulfilling experiences to have on the job. Dexter gives you that experience every time you leash him up and travel through the neighborhood with him! A lovable goof, Dexter has many great traits: he welcomes you at the door with hugs and kisses, he loyally listens to your commands, he’s tough even through all kinds of weather. We just love how sweet, friendly, and gentle-natured he is to our walkers, especially for being such a big, tough guy!

One of Dexter’s walkers, Ashley, stated, “When I see that Dexter is on my route for the day (or weekend) it really brightens my day! He’s this massive black lab mix that always greets you at the door with a smile (and sometimes a kiss!) He loves to go on long walks down one of my favorite streets and does really well with commands (when needed). He’s calm yet energetic, sweet and silly, and just overall a fabulous dog; I love this guy!”

We chose Dexter to be our dog of the month because he’s such a fun and sweet dog to spend time with. Let’s read what his owner, Brooke, has to say about him!

DDI: When and where did you get Dexter?
I met Dexter Halloween 2013. I was in veterinary school at the time and my class was running a spay and neuter clinic for the Champaign County Humane Society. Dexter was “assigned” to me for his neuter. When I first met him (picture attached below), he was approximately 6 weeks old, 8 lbs, and riddled with a mite called Demodex. I instantly knew he would be coming home with me after his procedure. Since I had not anticipated adopting a dog, I was not positive what to name him. Our first few days together I referred to him as “Dex” after his mite infestation. Sure enough, that is how he got his name, Dexter!

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Dexter?
Brooke: My favorite thing about Dexter is how expressive he is! You can truly tell whether he is excited, hungry, bored, playful, or sleepy!

DDI: If you could describe Dexter’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?
Brooke: Dexter is inherently lazy.


DDI: Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Dexter?
Brooke: Dexter knows which houses in the neighborhood have cats or dogs in the yards/windows and he will dictate his walking route so he can pass each of them! So sneaky!

We love hearing how Dexter got his name and hearing more about his backstory. Thank you, Brooke and Dexter, for allowing us to feature you!

~Dogs Deserve It, November 2017

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