Day of the Dog

Here at Dogs Deserve It, we believe in soul mates. We believe that soul mates can come in any package. They can be your partner, mother, father, sibling or pet. Obviously, being the dog lovers that we are, most of us find our soul mates in our furry friends. From the day I laid eyes on Guido, I knew he was my soul mate. Since the day I got him, he has been by my side.

The other weekend, my husband asked me what I wanted to do for the day. It was a sunny, perfect day that Chicago rarely has. Of course, I could go to the beach, go down to Millennium Park or spend time sight seeing around my beautiful city. But none of these activities included my soul mate. On the one nice day a year, all I wanted to do was make Guido happy. So I decided to dedicate my day to Guido.

First stop, dog treat shop. Dog bones and treats are a necessity for Guido. NOTHING makes him happier than food! Next up, a long walk. Gui cherishes his walk times. About every block or so he always looks back at me and checks in. I swear that he is smiling at me. Thanking me for allowing him to do “dog stuff”. Sniffing stop signs, marking bushes, chasing squirrels. But mostly just spending time in his element with his mom. His appreciative looks at me warm my heart.

After our long walk, we decided to plop down in the park. I setup a lawn chair baking in the sun while Guido snatched up his new bone and took harbor in the nearby shade. Occasionally, a few dogs would come to greet him and Gui would play but he never wandered too far. He always needed to be within a few feet of his soul mate.

From there, we headed back to our house. We curled up on the couch and took a nap in the summer breezes with Gui’s head resting on my shoulder.

When the day reached its end, the list of things that I should have accomplished creeped into my head. I could have been a tourist in my own city! I could have had a margarita at the beach! Sure, these things would have been fun but nothing is more fulfilling then a day spent making Guido happy. It is a wonderful thing to spend a day devoted to your dog. It will give you back more to your soul, then any beach could.