Danielle – Employee of the Month

Danielle is DDI’s general manager. She is a master of efficiency and organization! Check out our interview below to read more about her background and current role!

1) Most people probably don’t know that you were a dog walker before becoming General Manager. Why did you choose dog walking? I chose dog walking because I was looking for a change of pace. I had worked retail and sales for over eight years and wanted to be outside and more active.  I grew up around dogs and had just started co-owning a dog of my own so the idea of being around dogs all day sounded fantastic.  The flexibility and scheduling worked well with my college class schedule while I was finishing my degree.

2) What do you miss about dog walking now that you are in the office? I miss being outside all day (mostly when the weather is really nice) and the happy greeting every dog gave when I came in for their walk, there is really nothing that comes close to that happiness and excitement! 

3) Most people want to know what goes on behind the scenes…what does your day typically look like? My day tends to change depending on a lot of factors but my first order of business is to get a cup of tea or coffee and to check through all the emails and communications from clients and employees. I make sure things are running smoothly for everyone for a large portion of my day while also meeting some new clients and coordinating long term projects with Lauren, the owner of the business.

4) What is the biggest challenge in your role? I think the biggest challenges come when the weather is poor. Dogs typically do not like rain or extreme weather and dog walkers struggle to stay upbeat and positive when its 30 degrees below zero. Keeping morale high in our difficult climate can be tough!

5) What do you love most about DDI? I love DDI most for the family atmosphere we have. I worked mostly for big corporations before DDI and it is far more rewarding to work for a small business where you get to build relationships with clients and employees each day! For instance, DDI is the only company I have ever worked for that held client and employee beach meet ups! Also, it almost goes without saying, but I love being able to spend a good portion of my work time with or around dogs!

6) If you were a dog breed, what would you be? It’s really hard to choose but probably a Miniature Pinscher because they are small and spunky!

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