Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Dangerous Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

Holidays are a wonderful time to relax and be around family. Lucky for most of us, that includes extra time with our pups! While decorating gingerbread houses and making traditional family-favorite meals, we all need to be aware of what potential dangerous foods lurk in our meals for our beloved, furry family members.

If you’re a dog parent who loves to give your dog food scraps, then this article is made for you! We will discuss common foods that can trigger sickness and even death in dogs. Below are dangerous foods your dog should avoid.

Dangerous Foods That Upset Dog’s Stomach

These foods may not be lethal to dogs but can certainly irritate their stomachs. We recommend avoid giving your dog any of these foods, even in small doses, as it could end up causing accidents and a sad pup-neither of which you’d want on a holiday!

  • Yeast: If you are making homemade pizza or bread, make sure rising dough is out of reach of your pup. Unrisen dough can actually expand inside a dog if ingested before fully risen resulting in intestinal problems.
  • Dairy: As a kid, I remember seeing sweet cartoons of cats and dogs happily lapping up milk. Although this image is cute, dairy can wreak havoc on your dog’s stomach. Dogs have difficult processing lactate and its fat content alone can prove harmful for your dog.

Dangerous Foods That Can Cause Illness

Am emergency vet trip is never fun for you or your pup. Use caution when having these foods on counters during the holidays.

  • Salt: Salt is not usually focused on because it seems to be pervasive in most all foods but too much salt can be potentially poisonous for your dog. If your dog has accidentally ingested high-salt content food, ensure that they drink plenty of water and watch them to ensure no vomiting, seizures or diarrhea occur.
  • Candy: If you have kids at home, then chances are that you have candy around the house. Peppermint drops and other small candies are choking hazards and can actually block an intestinal track. Make sure you clean up candy that your child may have left behind!

Dangerous Foods That Can Kill

Most dog owners know a few of these foods that can cause severe illness and in worst cases, death. Here are a list of lethal foods.

  • Chocolate: The number one perpetrator of most dog-human food related illness.
  • Grapes: Even one grape can cause kidney failure in dogs.
  • Alcohol: Ever hear about the dog that drinks beer to calm its anxieties during thunderstorms? Although this may work for some, the potential threat outweighs the benefit. Even given in a very small amount, alcohol can impair a dog’s nervous system and cause possible comas.
  • Caffeine: Any form of caffeine via chocolate, tea or coffee can cause death in dogs.

The More You Know, The Better

Please keep in mind that this is only a short list of foods that can harm your dog’s health. For a complete list,  we recommend visiting the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

Enjoy your holiday and remember that a safe household is a happy one!

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