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Chicago’s best dog walkers – Dogs Deserve It – Sydney

Dogs Deserve It is proud to employee Chicago’s best dog walkers. We are pleased to announce that the Dogs Deserve It June 2019 walker of the month is Sydney M!

Sydney started at Dogs Deserve It back in the spring, and has barreled through every challenge possible with a smile on her face, mainly from the dogs that she loves dearly.  Sydney is a special part of our team and is proof that our dog walkers are like family, and she’s beloved by all the pooches over in Roscoe! We love you Sydney, thanks for being awesome!  
DDI: Why did you decide to become a dog walker?

Sydney: After a particularly bad day of temping, I went home and searched “dog walker” on Craigslist. I knew that my soul would die if I spent one more day in a windowless call center, so I chose a job that sounded like the opposite of that. I’m pretty sure that I’ve made the right choice!

DDI: What’s your favorite thing about the job? And DDI?

Sydney: My favorite thing about this job is getting to know each dog really deeply over time. Though I might only see a dog for 15 minutes or so, it all adds up until we’re best friends. I learn their likes and dislikes, the dogs, and the people they’re friends with, their own particular behaviors, and so on. I could pick my boy Seamus out of a lineup of identical Golden Doodles – for example. Just by his wiggly, prancing gait, or the way he sighs after a walk. 

DDI: Tell us about your passions/hobbies!

Sydney: When I’m not walking dogs, I enjoy cooking, sewing, and knitting. I like being able to fix things and make things for myself. These days, I’m interested in Korean recipes. I took a Korean class in college, so I like to practice reading when I shop for ingredients. 

DDI: What would you like our readers/clients to know most about you?

Sydney: Before I started this job, I thought of myself as a “cat person”! Now that I’ve met so many amazing dogs, I’m rethinking my position. I still spend more time hanging out with my cat, Frances (a former stray: sweet…but opinionated!) than with people, though. 

WE LOVE YOU SYDNEY! Thank you for making us Chicago’s best dog walkers!

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