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Dogs Deserve It is proud to employee Chicago’s best dog walkers. We are pleased to announce that the Dogs Deserve It July 2019 walker of the month is Carlos!

Carlos started at Dogs Deserve It in fall of 2018, and has taken on negative windchills and long, cold days with a smile always on his face!  In fact, I’ve never seen Carlos NOT smiling. He is always positive, gentile and outgoing. We love you Carlos, thanks for being amazing!  
Why did you decide to become a dog walker?
I decided to become a dog walker, because of my deep love and respect for animals. Throughout most of my life, I had the privilege of encountering and observing dogs and cats, that my family and friends owned, and I couldn’t help but feel so much love and warmth from them. There’s a small part of me that wished that I had gone to school to be a veterinarian. It’s never too late though!
What is your favorite thing about the job? and DDI?
Hanging out with my friends, a.k.a. the dogs. I have been walking the same route for the last eight months, and I’ve gotten to know the dogs very well. Another favorite thing about my job, is observing dog behavior. There’s something about dog psychology that is fascinating to me – noticing when they stop wagging their tail, or when their ears perk up, or when they start whining.
DDI has an amazing management team that always has your back, even when you’re stuck in a situation. They are an incredibly supportive team, and are also very friendly. I look forward to saying hi to them every morning when I come into the office!
Tell us about your passions/hobbies! 
I’ve been told I have a very good singing voice (though I only sing in the shower and in the car). I am an actor and a playwright, so I really like writing stories. I went to a visual and performing arts college in the Pacific Northwest, and I love being creative. Other hobbies include walking (which is a great perk for this job!), swimming, reading, and listening to NPR podcasts and music of all genres.
What would you like our readers/clients to know most about you?
I’m very fascinated by astrology, so sometimes when I walk your dog, I’m curious to know what their astrology sign is!

WE LOVE YOU CARLOS! Thank you for making us Chicago’s best dog walkers!

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