Chicago Pet Rescue

This blog is dedicated to an extraordinary rescue – Chicago Pet Rescue. Chicago Pet Rescue is a foster-based rescue that specializes in saving animals from kill shelters as well as placing surrendered animals in forever homes. It is this laborious and emotionally trying work that makes us so impressed by CPR.

CPR is driven by their dedicated volunteers and staff. Their ultimate goal is having a place to call home where potential adopters can come meet their future furry family members.

The unconditional love and dedication CPR has for its animals is tangible. Check out our interview below with Jenny Dedes, CPR Public Relations and Fundraising Coordinator, and help CPR make their ambitions and dreams come true.


1) Why did you start CPR?

To help save the lives all types of animals, locally.  We wanted to provide local residents with the opportunity to volunteer and donate.  Everyone kept saying that we needed something local, that catered to all types of animals, so we created Chicago Pet Rescue.


2) What makes CPR different from the other rescues in the area?

In addition to pulling animals from kill shelters, we also help individuals who are looking to surrender their pets, by placing them in foster homes.   We do not have a central “shelter”, so we can only save animals for whom we have foster homes available.  Our foster animals are all socialized & know what it is like to be a part of a family.  We rescue dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles, etc., whereas other rescues tend to focus only on cats, dogs or one specific type of pet.  We are 100% volunteer-based.


3) How many dogs do you rescue and adopt out each year?

We launched in 2011, and adopted out eight dogs that year.  In 2012, we rescued 21 dogs!  So far, in 2013, we have adopted out 17 dogs.  We are very proud of these numbers, being a foster-based rescue!


4) What motivates you each day when you are faced with so many adversities?

The success stories & smiles on the faces of the people who adopt our rescued animals!  It’s a great feeling to know that those pets would not have found their forever homes without our help.


5) What is the biggest challenge to running a rescue?

Obtaining and retaining foster homes and volunteers.  There’s nothing more heartbreaking than not being able to take in a pet in need, if we don’t have an available foster home.


6) What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Watching a sick, orphaned, animal recover & blossom into a wonderful pet, in a happy home.


7) What is the one thing you would like to accomplish most in the future?

Purchase a property, to become our CPR headquarters.


8) Where do you see CPR in ten years?

We plan to open a CPR headquarters/facility, where adopters can come meet/greet our available animals, by appointment.  This facility will only house animals that are resting/recovering or temporarily waiting for a foster home.  We still plan on being, mainly, a foster-based rescue, because we believe that a family environment is a much better place for animals than a cage.  This facility will also house our files, provide necessary storage space, serve as a donation drop-off location, and act as a place where people can get hands-on volunteering experience.


9) What is the best piece of advice for those considering adopting a rescue?

Make sure the pet you choose fits your lifestyle and personality.  Adopt knowing that you are willing to commit to this pet for the rest of its life.


10) How can our readers get involved with CPR?

If you’d like to foster or volunteer with our rescue, please fill out an application on our website:  Please check out our event schedule & come out to show your support!