Charlie – Dog of the Month

Read more about this lovebug below!

1) When and where did you get Charlie?
Charlie is a black goldendoodle from Paw Pad Goldendoodles in Peoria. We got him in July 2016 as a 10-week old amazing ball of fluff! Neither of us have had a dog since we were kids so it was a huge learning curve being first time parents!

2) What is your favorite thing about Charlie?
I own a Pilates studio in West Loop and Charlie is the studio mascot. My favorite thing is watching how happy he makes people. Whether it’s a friendly hug upon arrival, a big kiss during class or providing entertainment by running around with a favorite toy, Charlie is always the star of the show.

3) If you could describe Charlie’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?
I’m spoiled rotten and I deserve it.

4) Tell us a cute/funny story about Charlie?
We recently renovated our house, including the entire yard, mainly revolving around Charlie. We put in turf so he and his friends could play year round without getting muddy and gross. He goes outside and puts out the bat signal, which is his version of calling his friends to the yard. Not sure how they know, but within minutes of a specific kind of bark, all of his best friends are begging to go outside and go to Charlie’s personal park.


Thank you for being part of the DDI family, Charlie. We love you!!

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