Grey kitten staring at the sky


I’ll admit it, I’ve never owned a cat before. Not because I don’t think they’re adorable and not because I don’t want to snuggle every single one I see. The reason I cannot own a cat is because I am deathly allergic to them. The pain I feel when I can’t embrace a cat is equal only to the pain my body feels when I touch one…my eyes swell, I slowly start being taken over by hives and then my breathing starts to go. So when I started DDI, it was only natural that I began to service dogs rather than cats. As the years have gone by, I’ve always wanted to expand into cat care but there was one primary hurdle-our name! We can all agree that dogs deserve it but we want the world to know that cats do as well! With that said, we started offering cat care services to all existing and prospective clients about a year ago and this service has taken off!

Dogs Deserve It is always looking to improve our services, so we want to hear from you! What makes a cat visit special? Would you ever like your cat brushed or given some exercise? What about complimentary catnip? We want to hear any idea regardless of how zany they sounds!

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