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Dog corona virus

COVID-19 – Our Story

When I first heard about COVID-19, I have to admit-I wasn't nervous. I thought that most people were blowing the situation out of proportion. As the virus started to spread globally, though, I realized that...

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Dog sad at home

At work with my best...

I'm one of the lucky ones. Everyday, I wake up, take care of my kids and then leave to go to work with my best friend. He keeps me company during our hour ride to the City. During the crazy amounts of traffic,...

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dog ocd

Dogs and bugs?!

Dogs and bugs-what an interesting combo! Today something bizarre happened...we had one of our favorite dogs in the office expecting her usual laidback, loving self. Instead, this time, she was a girl on a...

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Grey kitten staring at the sky


I'll admit it, I've never owned a cat before. Not because I don't think they're adorable and not because I don't want to snuggle every single one I see. The reason I cannot own a cat is because I am deathly...

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