Cat of the Month: Oliver C

Cats have always been a very special part of the services that we offer, and we’re so happy to be able to feature a cat that has been a part of the DDI family for so long! Oliver is one social kitty! He always greets you when you walk in with a rub on the leg and a meow. He’s easy to please and so fun to play with! Many of our staff members have exclaimed they wish they had more time to spend with Oliver for each visit because he’s just so sweet and fun.

We asked Oliver’s owner Catherine to share some information about Oliver:

DDI: When and where did you get Oliver?
Catherine: Oliver became a part of my family February 10, 2013.  We adopted him from the Anti-cruelty Society in Chicago.  He was the super friendly dude sticking his arms out the cage to say hello.

DDI: What is your favorite thing about Oliver?
Catherine: My favorite thing about Oliver is that he loves hugs.  He even initiates them.  Up on his hind legs, arms outstretched, searching for some love every day when I come home from work.
DDI: If you could describe Oliver’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?
Catherine: In three parts: a) can you feed me? b) will you pet me and c) can i play with it?
DDI: Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Oliver?
Catherine: Oliver has more energy than any cat I’ve known.  In the first few weeks after bringing him home his extra energy cost me one floor lamp, two sets of curtains, a shower curtain, and a bathroom sink.  Did you know you could puncture a hole in a sink basin by pushing something heavy into it?  Well, Oliver can.  It’s a darn good thing he’s cute and snugly.  Thank goodness we found DDI!  Now when I travel Oliver has friends to play with in order to keep that destructive energy at bay!

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