Boscoe – Dog of the Month

It’s not everyday that you meet a dog as strong-willed as Boscoe. He has endured quite a lot over the years, but always remains incredibly sweet and deeply loyal to his family and his walkers. Boscoe makes for a wonderful dog for the family, for his walker, and for anyone who ever has the honor of meeting him.

“My favorite thing about Boscoe is his energy,” exclaimed Boscoe’s walker Melody (also our Featured Walker!).  “He’s seven, but you’d think he was much younger by how excited he always is to go outside for a walk. He’s a good walker too, so we spend our time taking long walks and exploring new routes to walk, which keeps things exciting. Plus he’s a good boy! And adorable to boot, which makes for some great photos!”

One of the things that makes Boscoe so special to the DDI family is that we’ve known him for so long! DDI’s Operations Manager, Sam, recalls meeting Boscoe many years ago. “Boscoe is definitely my kind of dog, and I knew that from the moment he first jumped up to greet me. He gives off a certain confidence when you’re with him, it makes you feel like you can really trust him and, thus, respect him. I love that quality in a dog!”

We asked Boscoe’s owners, Michael and Julie, a few questions to get to know Boscoe a little better.


DDI: When and where did you get Boscoe?

M & J:  We adopted Boscoe in 2012 from Chicago Canine Rescue in Chicago.


DDI: What is your favorite thing about Boscoe?

M & J: There are a lot of things we love about Boscoe so that’s a tough question, but most importantly he’s a family man. He loves being around his family and the kids. He follows us around the house constantly and gets extremely excited when he gets lots of attention. He also loves to cuddle.



DDI: If you could describe Boscoe’s life attitude in one sentence, what would it be?

M & J: Boscoe is resilient, despite losing most of his tail, having been hit by a car, and being bitten by another dog, he has the most positive outlook on everything in his life.


DDI: Could you tell us a cute/funny story about Boscoe?

M & J: One time we came home after having just gotten him and we found the remnants of a whole bunch of bananas on the floor, he had eaten them skins and all. We later found out by Googling his name on the web that we found a story about Boscoe and that he had one time taken a banana from a person on the street and eaten it. Evidently Boscoe really likes bananas.



We just so happen to be bananas for Boscoe! It’s a joy getting to walk him and we love having him a part of the DDI family!


~Dogs Deserve It, December 2017

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