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Boredom and Your Dog During the Pandemic

For us humans, adjusting to the “new normal” has taken quite a bit of time. Many of us, however, have found a routine that works for us. So we get why we’ve had to make such drastic lifestyle changes. And we are all learning to cope with the way things are. I wonder though, how our canine friends are adjusting to this new normal. Are we, as owners doing everything we can to make sure they aren’t struggling to fight off boredom?

For my pup Evie, I can say that I’ve seen a change in her since the start of the pandemic. She is a lot more excited for walks and she has what seems like limitless energy indoors. She also cries a LOT when she sees other dogs on the street. All of these signs made me realize that my dog is 100% without a doubt – BORED. And, as an owner, it makes me sad to know that she is not content. It is tough though, balancing your everyday routine while also factoring in extra playtime and fun for your pup.

To help find a way to keep Evie busy while also allowing me to tend to my daily routine, I took to the net. I found a couple gadgets and ideas that I think will be a big help to pet owners like myself who want to keep their pups happy, but just don’t have the time to play for hours on end.

Puzzle Toys for Dogs

We all know how smart our pups are, so interactive treat puzzles are a great way to keep them busy and happy. Below are a few links to some highly rated ones!

Sprinklers for Dogs

If you are lucky enough to have a yard, some dogs will be content to just run around all day, but for those that need a little extra excitement, sprinklers are a great option! It’s a perfect way for dogs to stay cool while having fun. I’ve included links to a neat pool/sprinkler combo, and also one to a step sprinkler.

Pet Snuffle Mats

Yes, they are as cute as they sound. Snuffle mats are essentially blankets with lots of extra fabric woven in to create pockets, ruffles, and lots of fun places to hide treats. So just lay the mat out, hide the treats, and watch your dog “snuffle” around through the fabric, searching for snacks. Links below for some options! 

Wobble Toys for Dogs

These toys are excellent for keeping your dog both mentally and physically stimulated. They are shaped similarly to a standard kong, but have a closed off rounded bottom, and “wobble” when you place them on the ground. You just place treats inside, set them on the ground, and watch your dog push it around the house, waiting for goodies to fall out. I’ve included links to a standard Wobbler, and to a more advanced version for those pups that need the extra challenge. 

I’ve already ordered several of these items for Evie, so hopefully they will help her (and me!) cope a little better with our new reality. I hope these ideas can help you and your pup too!

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Stay safe out there!

Morgan and the DDI Team

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