Babies vs. Dogs

I have a friend (and new business partner!) that recently had her first baby. Prior to this child, she had one BIG child – a 100 pound Australian Dogo, Jax. Jax is a love. For the last year plus that I’ve known this friend, she has populated Facebook with wonderful pictures of her white prince charming. Every week I could expect a cute candid shot or comment on how much she loved her son.

When she announced that she was pregnant, I had predicted that her Facebook would soon end up looking like all other new mother’s…album after album of their babies. Baby’s first day, baby’s first week, baby’s first burp, baby’s first sleep! Everything was documented with new moms. Although I sometimes grew tired of my Facebook feed resembling a Buy Buy Baby ad, I also understood the love that you feel for your child whether that child be furry or not.

After my friend returned home, I was eager to see her cute little munchkin. After a few initial pictures were posted, I was overjoyed to see that she posted just as many pictures of her first son. She would comment about her cherished alone times with Jax. This put my mind at ease. When you have a child, it doesn’t mean that you have to put your first ‘child’ on the back burner as I always thought.

It is often said that having a puppy is the best training for being a mom. I’d like to think that having a puppy still makes you a mom. I care for my dog when he is sick, teething, unable to sleep – all things moms specialize in. I take an absurd amount of photos of my dog. Dog sleeping, dog thinking, dog learning, dog snowy!

I guess being a mom is a state of mind. The thought I previously had that you cannot have a baby and still treat your first fur baby the same has been disproven. As a mom, you will always find the time to care for and cherish your little one regardless if you have more than one baby or not.

I commend all moms on their ability to fit in everyone and everything that is important in their life. For now, I will continue to enjoy meeting new fur moms and will bask in my Facebook feed equally filled with pictures of loving moms with their babies.