Dog sad at home

At work with my best friend

I’m one of the lucky ones. Everyday, I wake up, take care of my kids and then leave to go to work with my best friend. He keeps me company during our hour ride to the City. During the crazy amounts of traffic, I reach over to pet him which immediately soothes any forming traffic anxiety I have. We arrive to the office, take a quick walk and start our day. Throughout the workday, he is typically met with his furry friends, some new and some old. We take a few more walks and then head home.  This routine is soothing for Guido. He loves nothing more than being the office Mayor and temporarily being a city again.

There are some occasions when I cannot bring Guido to the office and during those times,  I spend the day feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt. This guilt was compounded when my nanny told me that he spends the day staring out at the garage. All. Day. Long. When let out in our backyard, he doesn’t even bother to go to the bathroom. He prefers to just stare at the garage and paw the door. This knowledge tore a hole through my heart. How could something be so completely, unselfishly devoted to me? It seemed implausible. I was certainly unworthy of such adoration.

It occurred to me that I own a dog walking company but have had the luxury to not ever need a dog walker. This seemed almost unfair. Today was one of the very first times that I ever have allowed myself to acknowledge and feel the emotional affect of not being with him. Since I typically have Guido at work, I have always pushed these thoughts off.

To all dog owners and our wonderful customers, I get it. You don’t need to apologize for crying everyday when you leave for work. Don’t feel like you need to explain why you are anxiously watching the nanny cam for the dog walker to arrive. You don’t have to be self-conscious bringing your concerns, worries or fears to us. I am you in this moment and I understand.

I hope that we provide you with relief that you know your dog is being loved, adored and exercised while you are at work. At the end of the day, we are all the same even if we don’t go to work with our best friend. We live for our dog’s smell, fur and love. They are our best friends-walker and owner alike.


Lauren and the DDI team

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