Dog walker

Accolades for Our Dog Walkers

At Dogs Deserve It, we take pride in who we employ.  We think our dog walkers are the best! Check out a few of our customers’ accolades below!

“I can never say enough wonderful things about Gift. She is absolutely amazing and Maggie’s smiles when they’re together 100% confirm she feels the same. Thank you!”

“Julia is awesome! An incredibly positive attitude, outgoing and relaxed and personality. Not phased at all by Spicys feistiness. Spicy calmed down with her within minutes. I can tell he is going to love her!”

“Gift and Tilly have a very special bond. Tilly is SO excited every time Gift arrives and I suspect the feeling is mutual! It is great to have a walker that sees our dog as being as special as we do!”

See why Dogs Deserve It customers rave about our caring team! Learn more about our dog walking services to see how we can help you.


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