accolades for our dog walkers

Accolades for Our Dog Walkers – March 2021

At Dogs Deserve It, we take pride in who we employ.  We think our dog walkers are the best! Check out a few of our customer’s accolades for our dog walkers below!

“DDI has been more than wonderful to me and my nearly 16 year old Shiba Inu and I honestly cannot say enough about how they are not just indispensable to us but have become part of our family. We’ve been using them for about 6 years and they have always taken amazing care of my very complicated dog and helped me navigate a couple of challenging travel situations.

For anyone who knows Shibas, they can be difficult and confounding dogs. I travel frequently for work (for stretches between 2 – 18 days) and used to take my pup to a wonderful pet hotel for boarding.  Once she turned 10, the stress of it took too much of a toll on her, so I tried DDI because they had a lot of home-based options.

My pup wouldn’t stand for having anyone in the house overnight, so we settled on “goodnight” and “good morning” walks, along with additional walks during the day to get her good coverage while I was away. As with many older dogs, she is on a special diet and takes several pills. The DDI walkers have been excellent about following the (often elaborate) feeding instructions I leave – including some with numerous steps required to be followed in a particular order. They are also very patient with my very shy pup as she can be a special challenge to leash.

About 3 years ago, we added weekday walks (M-F), and it has made a huge difference to my pup’s mental health.  She’ll be turning 16 in a few months and I credit DDI’s care with part of the reason that she can still bounce and play despite her age and health issues.

As with anything in life, nothing is perfect, but when there have been sanfus, DDI has been absolutely incredible – including making a 1:30 am visit when my pup didn’t cooperate with the “goodnight” walk she was scheduled for several hours earlier. Knowing that DDI has someone on call for emergencies, even in the middle of the night, is an amazing safety net.  I haven’t had to use that net often, but when I have, DDI has been there.

DDI also takes care of their employees, by offering them benefits, providing guaranteed hours and recognizing that DDI cannot exist without the walkers. Although this means that prices have increased since we’ve been using them, the additional cost has been returned tenfold by the individual commitment the walkers have to my pup.

In the time that I’ve been with DDI, they’ve updated their technology to allow real time communication, as well as easy scheduling and account management. I absolutely love the communication feature as I can add last minute notes for that day’s walker and message them in real time while they are with my pup.

DDI has been indispensable to me and my older pup, but they also provide special programs for puppies and cats and have a multitude of other services that we have not used (including field trips!). I strongly encourage you to talk to Lauren and her team to see how they can become indispensable to you as well.”

“The Dogs Deserve It Team is amazing.  Not only do they take amazing care of my dog during our walks, but the updates and photos they send definitely give me peace of mind while I’m work.  They are also very accommodating.  
When my wife was about to give birth, I wasn’t sure what I would do about my dog knowing we would likely end up in a get up and go situation. The DDI team assured me that it would be a problem for me to request a last minute walk should I need it.  And sure enough, I had to call in an emergency walk, and they were there within an hour.   Each of the walkers that have come buy have been great as well.  I do have a camera (because of an issue I had with a break-in, not related to them) and i can see how much they truly love pets.  If you need a walking service in Chicago, I highly recommend Dogs Deserve it!”
“What can I say, there’s no other dog walking company like Dogs Deserve it in the city of Chicago. We have been using them since we brought our dog home three years ago and they have become an extended member of our family. The company vets all employees and has amazing technology-driven platforms that provide complete transparency. We use them for both walks and hourly pet sit and couldn’t be happier; we will never switch companies!”
“Our two boxers; Royce 10 yrs and Magnus 8 months old, are absolutely in love with their walker Julia.  Royce is a timid old guy and instantly warms up when she is around 🙂 Julia now is also our go-to overnight care provider as well whenever we’re away.  We love DDI!”
“Jack is great!”
“Lulu always enjoys herself and we appreciate the care she receives.”
“Spicy does great with Julia! He lets her give lots of pets, take off all of his gear including this velcro jacket and climbs in her lap to eat chimkins from her hand!!”         
“James clearly cares for my fur babies in how amazing he takes care of them. Thanks!”
“Thank you for taking good care of Bristol. It’s been hard on her because we just have not been out as much. Glad you are there for her.”
See why Dogs Deserve It customers rave about our caring team! Learn more about our dog walking services to see how we can help you. Stay tuned for more customer accolades for our dog walkers!

P.S. see some great images our dog walkers have taken here!

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