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6 Benefits Your Dog Can Enjoy from Hiring a Dog Walker

Most people that hire a dog walker do so because their dog needs to relieve themselves while their owner is at work. While this is a vital part of what dog walkers do, daily dog walks provide so many more benefits that your dog can enjoy. Check out six benefits your dog can enjoy from hiring a Dogs Deserve It dog walker below.

  1. Exercise: Any chance you can get your dog outside for a walk is a plus but often times owners find it difficult to get their dog exercised enough to meet their needs. That is where we come in. Dogs Deserve It focuses on providing productive walks-not just time outside spent in one spot. Most 25-minute walks will exceed one mile which can always be checked against our realtime GPS tracked routes.

  2. Socialization: Dog owners typically focus on the importance of socializing their dog with other dogs. What they often miss, though, is the importance of socializing with other people. Having a stranger come into your home can be daunting for dogs. It’s invaluable to establish consistent opportunities for your dog to get comfortable with someone new.

  3. Attention: Let’s face it, all dogs crave attention! Some pups are not fans of certain weather so rather than leave after a shortened walk, Dogs Deserve It walkers spend much needed one-on-one time with the dog.

  4. Leash etiquette: Leash etiquette is one of the unique offerings that Dogs Deserve It provides. Leash etiquette teaches dogs basic leash manners which include limited ranging, curbing pulling, stopping at stop signs and alleys and learning basic commands.

  5. Mental Stimulation: Dogs crave mental stimulation just as much as physical. We are constantly communicating with your dog challenging them to adhere to basic commands and training techniques. This allows whole body stimulation

  6. Schedule: When you are potty training a dog, regularity and time are key. Scheduling a dog walker on a recurring basis allows for easier potty training. Recurring services also allow for regularity that your pup comes to expect.

Interested in Chicago’s premier dog walking and pet sitting services? Learn more about how Dogs Deserve It’s dog services can help you.

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