Our pets are helping us survive the pandemic

4 Ways Our Pets are Helping Us Survive the Pandemic

Can we ever have too many reasons to love our pets?  We animal lovers have always known how important our pets are to us.  Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has put a spotlight on all the wonderful things our pets do to keep us going.  While stay at home orders have us safely tucked away in quarantine, pet owners are more thankful than ever for the loyal company of their dogs and cats.  During the pandemic, pet adoption in Chicago and across the country has skyrocketed, driven by our natural desires to connect, love, and be loved.  Whether you’re a long time pet parent or adopting/fostering a pet for the first time, here are our top 4 ways our pets are helping us survive the pandemic.

Pets are essential for our mental health and well being during the pandemic.

As anyone who has ever experienced the unconditional love of a pet can tell you, our pets are always here for us through good times and challenges.  With the Covid-19 pandemic putting additional stress and uncertainty into our lives, our dogs and cats are truly here to support us.  First and foremost, pets seem to have a sixth sense for knowing when we need affection.  They thrive on routine.  They were born to snuggle and play.  And they can’t worry about the future–well, at least not beyond their next meal!  Best of all, their joy brings us joy!  We absolutely believe pets are essential workers during this pandemic.  Without a doubt, they are working overtime for those treats!

Walking our dogs gives us much needed time outdoors.

We know how important it is to spend time in nature.  The weather is warming up, and blossoms are busy springing into action.  Yet with the pandemic on our minds, going outside is not always a priority.  That’s where our dogs come in handy!  Dogs give us a reason to give ourselves a break.  The next time you take your dog for a walk, see how mindful you can be in your environment.  Feel the earth supporting you as you take each step.  Watch as spring unfolds around you.  Most of all, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Exercising with our pets keeps us healthy and active.

While so many of us our staying home due to Covid-19, the struggle to keep ourselves active is real.  Gyms and yoga studios are closed.  Pilates has been canceled until further notice.  At the same time, stress eating is on the rise.  But pet owners know the secret to a healthy lifestyle is exercising with your four-legged friends!  Whether we’re going for a jog with our dog in tow or vigorously twirling our cat’s feather wand, our pets make sure we’re focused on their fitness, and our own.

Social distancing makes our furry best friends more essential than ever.

Although we have adjusted to life under quarantine, isolation is taking its toll.  It feels strange and lonely to go months without seeing family or friends.  A heart-to-heart with a loved one just isn’t the same over Zoom.  That’s why interacting with our pets is more crucial than ever.  Our pets will listen to us whether we laugh, cry, or need some space to reflect.  They can be our wingman when it’s time to play or our confidant when we’re feeling blue.  We highly recommend talking with your dog or cat about whatever is on your mind, even when the pandemic is finally over!


~ Rachel, DDI family member

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